News from Your Sheriff

During the month of January 2018 the Clare County Central Dispatch logged 3,431 incidents for the entire County.  During the month of January there were 16 Home Invasion/Breaking & Entering investigations.  4 of these were in Winterfield, 3 each in Harrison, and Surrey, and 2 each in Hayes, Summerfield, and Redding.  We currently have 180 inmates in the Clare County Jail which consist of 88 local, 51 Federal, 12 Diverted Felons, 3 MDOC, and 26 Renters. 

We want to welcome Deputy Bill Sharp to the Farwell Are Schools as their Liaison Officer.  Deputy Sharp started out on our Reserve Unit in 2014, and graduated from the Delta Police Academy in 2015.  We have already seen positive results in the little time Deputy Sharp has been in the schools.  The school liaison is a very unique position for a school and law enforcement agency to have.  I was the Harrison School Liaison from 1995 through 2000 and the relationships I built back then help me today.  It’s not about the “POLICE” being in the schools, it’s about being a mentor, building relationships that last a life time with families, being a positive role model, and much more.  I want to thank the Farwell Board of Education for making this happen.

Our Law Enforcement Division has been very busy this past month.  We assisted multiply law enforcement agencies on search warrants in recovering stolen property from around the state, and illegal drugs.  In another case we were able to apprehend suspects that we believe are involved in multiply breaking and entering/ home invasion complaints in the north end of Clare County, which include other multiply theft complaints in northern Michigan. 

Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the students and families from Parkland Florida.  17 individuals were killed.  Killed is a very strong word when used like this.  That means that they were taken from their loved ones before time would have taken them.  We are all going to die someday, but we hope and pray that we live long healthy lives.  I don’t know any more about who they were than you do, but I can guarantee that they were loved by someone that will dearly miss them.  Please speak out if you see something that really catches your attention.  We aren’t just ticket writers, we are here to help and protect all of you, but we need your help.


God Bless

Sheriff John S Wilson