Records Division

The Records Division is responsible for receiving and distributing the majority of the Freedom of Information requests for the Sheriff’s Department. In addition, it handles all Sheriff’s Department Information calls and all walk-in requests for service.

The Records Division also serves the public in the area of:
• Statistical reports regarding trends in criminal activity.
• Concealed weapons finger prints, handgun purchase permits & registration.
• Finger printing for licensing and job applicants.
• Accident reports for minor accidents on the roadway and private property.
• Maintenance of a database on inmates booked into the jail including fingerprint records, mug shot pictures and biographical information.

Local Records Checks:
Records checks are sent to the Sheriff Department for several reasons; the most frequent are for employment or housing. When we receive a request by mail we will try to reply to the request within five business days. Records checks can be completed at the Sheriff Department on a “walk in” basis. In the event the person brings the request in, we will answer it immediately. Each records check can take anywhere from five minutes to twenty minutes depending on if the person has a record to be reported and how much of the record needs to be confirmed.